A journey to finding HER 


Unbecoming gives the tools to take on the pursuit of unlocking the traps keeping you from becoming HER. With personal stories of my journey finding the real me and the tools that aided my healing. Enjoy journaling prompts, guided meditation, and breathwork. Its time to step into your greatness, let’s navigate this journey together.

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“If you feel like you've been on a never-ending quest to find that thing that will provide you happiness, peace, and joy, it's time to come home to yourself with Unbecoming.”

Rebecca Cafiero Bestselling Author, TedX Speaker, Podcaster + Founder of the Pitch Club

"Deanna and this book is a gift to anyone ready to finally take charge of their own lives and experience the freedom possible when you finally face and release the fears holding us back, keeping us small.

This book will plant seeds. Or better yet, it’ll give you a spade to dig out the rocks that are destroying the garden of your mind so you can transplant the stories, insecurities and beliefs that are holding you back and serving no one else.

It’s time to heal ourselves, our families, communities, and this beautiful world we live in. If you feel like you’ve been on a never-ending quest to find that thing that will provide you happiness, peace, and joy, it’s time to come home to yourself, and Unbecoming will give you the tools to unlock the door."


Meet the Author, Deanna Herrin

Deanna Herin is an international Speaker, leader and podcast host who has spent the past two decades as a top earner and leader in social selling. As an accomplished mindset and leadership coach, she’s worked with thousands of female entrepreneurs growing + scaling small businesses and teams in the wellness space. 

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 12 years as a Physician’s Assistant in Internal Medicine. She is a frequent speaker on leadership, limiting beliefs and money mindset. In her coaching toolbelt, she’s a certified Yoga Instructor and Hypnotbreathwork® facilitator.  

Her book “Unbecoming: The Traps Robbing Your Life of Joy + Peace” is due out in early 2022. You can hear her podcast, Limitless Podcast, on iTunes and other platforms.

All proceeds from this book go to our charity of choice, Heartconnexion.org.


About Heart Connexion

"Only you know what it’s been like to live your life and how past experiences still impact your decisions.

Though you can’t rewrite history, you’ll discover that suffering is not a given. You’ll also discover how you can increase your capacity to live confidently and effectively. And you’ll identify healthy spiritual resources to give your life more meaning and purpose."

100% of the book sales proceeds will be directly donated to Heart Connexion, a non-profit organization.

A guide to liberating yourself from the beliefs robbing you of true peace & joy.


Unbecoming teaches lessons including...

  • How to identify and unlock the 12 traps people fall into because they’re searching to fill a void externally.
  • How to name faulty core beliefs and create a healthier belief statement.
  • How to use journal prompts, meditations, and breathwork to help you break through the lies that are keeping you small.
  • How to “unbecome” so you can see who you truly are.
  • How to access peace and create explosive joy.
  • ...and much more!


A journey to finding HER


 Join the Virtual Launch Party: 

Tuesday, February 22 at 6 PM CST