​​If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, and unmotivated, and want to get to the root of your paralyzing frustration once and for all, then you need to join this interactive workshop!

January 23rd - 27th from 11 AM - 12 PM CST


Warning: This interactive workshop may dramatically help you boost your alignment create massive clarity, and have you feeling more motivated than ever before. But hurry! Registration will be closing soon!

This FREE Workshop is taking place January 23rd - 27th from 11 AM- 12 PM CST


Day 1:

Misalignment vs. Alignment + Quarterly Review 

Let's get clear on your values to ensure your life is in complete alignment.

We will cover how to properly review your year, and implement your goals throughout each quarter to ensure success.

You'll learn how to define your vision, prioritize it, and create a plan to leave behind the areas that do not move you closer to your dream life.

Day 2:

The Crazy Cycle

Remove frustration from your life through a crystal clear vision, walk away feeling completely in control + confident moving forward living the life you've always dreamed of. 

Day 3: 

Visualization of The Future You

We will dig into the barriers that are keeping you from your goals and how much they are really costing you financially, emotionally, physically, and beyond. You'll uncover what's getting in your way and how to name the gap between what you want and where you are now. Break away from what you "should" do, and the opinions + judgements of others. 

Day 4:

Your Mission + Message  

Create awareness around the fears that are holding you back to get clear on your mission in life. Leave this session with a clear message moving forward as your most aligned and fulfilled self.

Day 5:

Breakthwork - Next Action Steps 

You will walk away KNOWING your plan of action to step fully into your vision and be the limitless leader you were born to be.

Past Workshop Attendees Have Included...

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Moms

  • Thought-leaders

  • High-Achievers

  • Network Marketers

  • Business Owners

  • Aspiring Business Owners
  • High-level Executives

  • Personal Optimizers
  • And More!

Meet Your Host, Deanna Herrin

Deanna Herrin is an International speaker, Entrepreneur, Women’s Empowerment Coach and podcast host. She has spent the past two decades as a top earner and leader in social selling. As an accomplished Empowerment coach, she’s worked with thousands of female entrepreneurs growing + scaling businesses and teams. She has created multiple 6+ figure businesses to become a 7-figure entrepreneur.
Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 12 years as a Physician’s Assistant in Internal Medicine.
She is a frequent speaker on leadership, overcoming faulty beliefs, and mindset shifts. In her coaching tool belt she has 24 years building teams and helping women change the beliefs holding them back. Her greatest gift to the world is coaching women to Pivot to purpose. Helping women uncover their Divine purpose and monetize.
She published 2 books in 2022 : “Unbecoming: A journey to finding her”, published 2-22-22, went Bestseller in 5 categories and was featured in national television networks. “Living a Legacy” a coauthored book went Bestseller in 7 categories.

You can hear her podcast, Limitless Podcast, on iTunes and other platforms.